When should I call for a Home Inspection?
Call us early in your home purchase process and we are happy to answer questions and review our services. When you have a purchase contract accepted and the attorney review completed, there are usually a limited number of days to schedule inspections, produce reports, review the report findings, and respond with concerns through your attorney’s office.
What services do I need?
This will depend on the building you are purchasing, its age, and condition. Each building and location will have different concerns. For instance, older, antique buildings commonly have issues with asbestos contained building materials, structural concerns, building damp and mechanical problems that may need additional investigation. Shelterworks recommends using the initial inspection as a screening process and we will help guide you to additional investigations and evaluations. Please call us and we will review your inspection needs.
Should I attend the Home Inspection?
In one word, yes! Shelterworks strongly recommends you attend your inspection. This will be your first opportunity to spend needed contact time in the building you are interested in purchasing. We will discuss building defects and concerns during the inspection. Once you receive your written report with digital pictures and descriptive narrative, your firsthand observations will help you reflect on reported conditions and make informed decisions during negotiations. You are making one of the biggest investments in your lifetime and we encourage you to be part of the inspection process.
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