Home Inspection

Residential Home Inspections

We will perform a systematic inspection of the building in strict conformance with the Standards of Practice set forth by N.J.A.C. 13:40-15.16 (the New Jersey Administrative Code), the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice, and their ASHI Code of Ethics which are watershed documents nationally copied and applied by most states as the standard of care when providing inspection services for the home buying public.

Some inspectors are taught to be dispassionate about what they look at…not at Shelterworks.  While other inspectors move quickly through the building, usually completing their inspections in well under two hours and worrying about their next appointment,  we like to inspect buildings as if our families were purchasing them.  We evaluate buildings using state of the art equipment, devices, and tools while relying on best practices and our extensive experience.  This approach gives buyers peace of mind knowing that we did all we  could to evaluate the true condition of the building you are considering to purchase.

We take your confidence in our services personally from the first office call to the delivered report and everything in between.  Please contact our office to review services provided.

Pre-Listing for Sale Inspections

  • Preparing your home for sale can help sell your home more smoothly and quickly.  A professional independent home inspection can assist you in identifying repairs that may show up in a buyer’s inspections.  Please contact our office to review services provided.

Property Maintenance Consultation and Inspections

  • You may be considering renovating and modifying your current home.  First, consider calling a professional home inspector for a thorough and objective analysis of your home’s major systems and components.  We can help to determine building condition and necessary repairs.  Please contact our office to review services provided.
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