Testimonial 46

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“I’m sure no home buying experience is free from anxiety, but the first can feel like trying to get your bearings in the dark. Joe and Shelterworks have made our first home inspection a model for any expectations we might have for future property dealings. Joe and his partner arrived at the property ahead of schedule and got to work right away. Their thoroughness and attention to minute details surprised me and my family. To paraphrase Joe, “When I look at these properties, I approach the inspections as if my family will live there.” That speaks for itself. I heard that inspectors are not fond of potential home buyers shadowing them as they work, but the Shelterworks team welcomed the company and took the time to go over some of the more serious aspects of what their professional eye revealed. If you’re looking for accurate and exhaustive assessment of a property that you are considering investing in long term, I can’t recommend Joe Corsetto and Shelterworks enough. Five stars are not enough! “

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