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"Trusted by clients and attorneys for over 25 years"

Welcome to Shelterworks

Welcome to Shelterworks

The Shelterworks difference…we are not an average inspection service company. Shelterworks has been a professional inspection company for over 25 years in New Jersey.  There is a difference between hiring an inspector with over 35 years of experience and over 12,000 completed inspections and one with limited or no experience.  In addition to residential construction experience, we have many years experience in the public sector with state, municipal, residential, and commercial inspections and environmental health inspections.  This experience makes us uniquely qualified to perform a building condition evaluation.

Our company provides a high-level of expertise to you when you are looking to make the right choice buying or selling buildings.  Our detailed narrative inspection report will give you the peace of mind you need to make a confident decision.  Remember, the inspection report is the real product that you are actually buying.  Our reports continue to work on your behalf  past the physical building inspection giving you and your attorney the tools needed to address defects or concerns identified prior to closing or after.  Not all reports are created equal.,

We promise to earn your trust with our inspection services as we have for thousands of satisfied past clients.  Extensive and ongoing training, strict Code of Ethics, and professional standards are the core of our services and philosophy.  We look forward to working with you, our clients.

Our Services

    Residential Building Inspections

    Residential Building Inspections

    We will perform a systematic inspection of the building in strict conformance with the Standards of Practice set forth by N.J.A.C. 13:40-15.16 ( the New Jersey Administrative Code).

    Commercial Building Inspections

    Commercial Building Inspections

    We will perform a systematic inspection of the building in strict conformance with the Standards of Practice set forth by N.J.A.C. 13:40-15.16 ( the New Jersey Administrative Code).

    Radon Gas Testing

    Radon Gas Testing

    A radon gas in air screening test includes placement of charcoal canister(s) testing device(s) by a N.J. Licensed Measurement Specialist in the home according to NJDEP and USEPA protocols.




      Wanted to tell you that I terminated the contract for this house based on the number of fixes / improvements needed there and the termite damage. The credit is yours for doing such a thorough job, and presenting the state of the house like it is.


      Thank you,


      Totally comprehensive report.  I am thoroughly impressed!  Thank you so much – this report is extremely helpful.


      Justine and Robert


      Joe Corsetto is THE guy you want inspecting a home you’re purchasing. His passion for educating you about potential issues and regular upkeep is visible. He takes his time (despite any pressure he may be receiving from agents) and is meticulous. No question is too basic and no buyer is discouraged from following him around. He wants to make sure you’re educated about the house you’re buying, which is likely one of the biggest investments you will ever make. All issues, big and small, are noted objectively. He also takes more time to go through a house than most inspectors.

      If I ever need another inspection, Joe will be my guy and I will sing his praises to anyone who is buying. Nobody wants to purchase a home and then find out all the costly issues later. Joe is the best line of defense against that scenario.

      Krista P.

      Thanks for the thorough inspection reports. Claudia and I greatly appreciate the time you spent evaluating and documenting the property as well as the level of detail in the reports.


      Our next step is to share this with Anthony and get estimates on each and every one of the recommended repairs.


      Thanks, Tim


      “Thank you very much for your detailed report.  We are going over all your observations and studying the details.  I’ll be in touch with you for any question.

      Appreciate your efforts.  Thanks, Ohad”











      “We just closed on our house two days ago.  Thanks for all your help in this process.  I will recommend you to everyone I know that is looking to buy a house in the future.  There is nobody  better at this than you.  Thanks, Annoj and Kali”


      “Joe, This is an impressively well outlined, detailed, clean and clear report. Will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again for the excellent work. I will contact you if I got any question after fully reviewing the reports. “

      Hao & Li from Millburn, NJ

      “It was such a pleasure to meet you. We are so thankful that you were able to inspect the home that we are interested in…. Not only were you completely thorough with your inspection, you are extremely knowledgeable and have an incredible eye for detail! We will most certainly, highly recommend your firm to our friends and family….. Thank you again!! best regards, Janice “

      Janice and Samish from Montclair, NJ

      “Excellent experience. No better words can describe my choice to hire Shelterworks to inspect my potential home. As a first time buyer looks can be deceiving. Painted looks new, scented feels nice, but neither give you a true appreciation of the physical state of the home. Joe from Shelterworks took the time, and inspected every inch of the house, soup to nuts, roof to basement, with an amazing professional eye. The resulting reports are highly professional, yet intelligible to the layman. They include both repairs that must be addressed immediately, and recommendations on how to address DIY repairs. Highly recommended, reasonably priced, you will find no better service. “

      Liah & Guy from Closter, NJ

      “…we thought the inspection report was thorough and addressed all the issues we had identified (plus more!). We really appreciate all the time you spent and your extremely fast turnaround on the final report.”

      Alka & Brian from West Orange, NJ

      “I’m sure no home buying experience is free from anxiety, but the first can feel like trying to get your bearings in the dark. Joe and Shelterworks have made our first home inspection a model for any expectations we might have for future property dealings. Joe and his partner arrived at the property ahead of schedule and got to work right away. Their thoroughness and attention to minute details surprised me and my family. To paraphrase Joe, “When I look at these properties, I approach the inspections as if my family will live there.” That speaks for itself. I heard that inspectors are not fond of potential home buyers shadowing them as they work, but the Shelterworks team welcomed the company and took the time to go over some of the more serious aspects of what their professional eye revealed. If you’re looking for accurate and exhaustive assessment of a property that you are considering investing in long term, I can’t recommend Joe Corsetto and Shelterworks enough. Five stars are not enough! “

      Turner P. from Roxbury Twp., NJ

      “Hi Joe, Thank you very much for your explanation. It was such a pleasure to talk to both Liz and you, to watch and listen to you throughout the inspection. We are very grateful for all your advices and helpful tips. Have a wonderful summer and keep cool in this hot weather! Sarah “

      Sarah from Edison